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We help you find talent… and help talent find you.

Red Seal is guided by our 5 Core Values in everything we do: Operational Excellence, Teamwork, Exceptional Client Service, People, not a Number, and Always Learning and Sharing.

Operational Excellence
Consistency, quality and putting in the extra effort to be outstanding in all of our dealings, while being solution-oriented.

We believe teamwork and collaboration is the way to success.

Exceptional Client Service
We go the extra mile to understand the needs and expectations of each client. We are client-driven and client-focused.

People, not a Number
We are not in the business of putting a bum in a seat. We are career matchmakers aiming to create a win-win situation for both candidates and employers. It’s about understanding and seeing the humanity in others.

Always Learning and Sharing
We love to learn about our industry, clients, candidates, and share what we learn to help others.

The Red Seal Recruiting Solutions strengths:

  • Industry experience: experience attracting and placing the best Industrial Management and Skilled Trades candidates since 2005
  • Focused approach: efficient and informed candidate matching
  • Continual investment: recruitment marketing, staff training, leading-edge IT
  • Professional integrity: serving the best interests of both clients and candidates

About Red Seal Recruiting Ltd.

Our recruiters have over 50 years of combined experience helping employers and candidates through the screening and hiring process. We work hard to be the leading recruiting source for great Management, Operations and Trades people to allow our industrial, manafuacturing and construction clients to grow. Our goal is successful long-term job matches for clients and candidates throughout North America.

Our reach across the United States, Canada and even internationally, allows us to fill difficult vacancies and strategic roles that help our clients bottom line. The relationships we have built with over 100, 000 screened technical, engineering, management and trades people in our database ensures we can find the people you need.

Red Seal works with you to ensure that we can find the best employees to fill your needs. By visiting your work site and community and meeting with your hiring manager and supervisors, we work to understand your culture, policies, work environment and the positions you need to fill.

Understanding your business and needs allows us to streamline the recruiting process, and ensures that we only present the most qualified and genuinely interested people, in turn saving you the time and resources of interviewing unqualified candidates.

Our focus on industrial and infrastructure recruiting allows us to reach more candidates, including the 75% of people who are not currently looking for a job. We then use our industrial experience and knowledge to effectively sell trades candidates on the positions available.

Contact us to explore these options further or to discuss alternative recruiting and hiring solutions!

Companies We Worked With

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Our Methods

We have been working a niche trades and industrial management recruitment market for over 10 years, and have access to tens of thousands of resumes. Here are just a few of the methods we use to match you with the ideal employee:
Identify and reach out to candidates

  • Research where to find the best candidates to fill your position
  • Network with our contacts to find the best employed candidates
  • Database search to find potential candidates
  • Handle all advertising of the position to ensure maximum exposure and response

Screen the candidates

  • Conduct screening interviews with candidates
  • Facilitate psychometric testing, if required
  • Perform reference checks

Coordinate candidate and client interaction

  • Provide comprehensive candidate packages that include a resume, complete interview, and summary to client
  • Arrange for in-house interviews and host if required

Keep in touch

  • Work with the candidates to ensure a smooth transition to their new position
  • Follow up with both parties

Our Team

We are licensed as an employment agency in British Columbia (BC Ministry of Labour and Citizen’s Services #135-883), Alberta (Service Alberta #322580), Manitoba, Saskatchewan (#000057) and Nova Scotia (FWRL-20). We also work in the Yukon, Ontario, Newfoundland and the Northwest Territories where licensing is not required.

Kael Campbell

Kael Campbell

Maki Morriss

Maki Morriss

Lead Recruiter

Teri Brown

Recruiting Specialist
Paul O'Keefe

Paul O’Keefe

Sourcing Coordinator
Patricia Cabal

Patricia Cabal

Recruiting Assistant
Criselda Dimailig

Criselda Dimailig

Recruiting Assistant
Cara Kauhane

Cara Kauhane

Recruiting Assistant

Is It You?

Join Our Team!

With Red Seal Recruiting there are no automated responses – anyone who calls us, speaks to a real person, right away. We’ll be with both parties at every step to ensure a smooth transition.

Job Ads & Tracking

Job Ads & Tracking

Career Web Page

Career Web Page

Sourcing & Headhunting

Sourcing & Headhunting

Screening & Interview

Screening & Interview

Psychometric Testing

Criminal & Background Check

Criminal & Background Check