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How do I get paid?

We get you to track hours on a smartphone and computer, and these are approved weekly by the site you are working at, to ensure you are paid correctly for hours worked. You will be paid by direct deposit.

Why should I work a Temporary or Contract job?

Some good experience can be gained on projects of a shorter duration, in a new industry or workplace where you can build skills, improve your resume and references.

What is the length of the contract?

It depends on our clients needs or the project length.Some roles are for employees on vacation, on parental leave, or disability. Red Seal targets roles from 3 to 9 months in length and try to given as much notice as possible, of when a contract will end.

Is there the opportunity to go on permanently?

If the position becomes available permanently, Red Seal will put you forward. Our team will look for other opportunities for you and help with resume writing, job search and provide references.

So who would be my employer?

You will be working on our client’s’ site and you will be employed by Red Seal Recruiting.

What are Red Seals’ responsibilities towards me?

We provide wage, the employer portions of EI and the CPP, submit them along with taxes to government and will do this even in the unlikely event a client goes out of business. We are committed to a safe working environment. We are your point of contact for any accidents or near misses. Raise all safety concerns with both your recruiter and site Health and Safety Rep.

What is the hiring process?

We conduct interviews by phone and in person or by video, conduct references. There may be criminal background and/or drug and alcohol checks for safety-sensitive roles. Then there is usually on-site meeting at the work location.

How to wages and benefits work? What about stat pay and time off? How do I log my hours?

Vacation pay is usually paid on each pay check and we’ll make sure you are compensated for the statutory holiday and vacation pay you are entitled to by law. We pay for a health insurance and a benefits package after 1-3 months probation. For time off, most legislation entitles people to vacation after the first year of employment. If you have important dates or emergency we’ll do our best to try to accommodate.

Why do employers use Red Seal rather than hire themselves?

An employment agency is often used to save on expensive management time hiring, legal risks and to get access to talent.

The same job has been up for while, or keeps coming back. Why is that?

We often have similar positions with different clients, but also life happens! Sometimes we need more than one temp employee to cover vacation time or unexpected absences.