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Statutory Holidays And How To Use Them To Attract Out-of-province Employees

Statutory Holidays and how to use them to attract out-of-province employees

Statutory holidays, also known as public or legal holidays, are designated days when employees are typically entitled to a day off with pay. In Canada, statutory holidays are mostly either national or provincial, and they can play a significant role in attracting out-of-province employees. Here’s how you can use statutory holidays as part of your strategy to attract talent:

  1. Highlight the Number of Statutory Holidays

Promote the total number of statutory holidays your province offers compared to others. More holidays can be a significant draw, as they provide additional time off for employees.

Here is the list of Canadian Statutory Holidays per province


  1. Emphasize Long Weekends

Showcase how statutory holidays often create long weekends, which can be appealing for employees who value travel, family time, or relaxation. Highlight any policies your company has to support taking full advantage of these long weekends.


  1. Offer Additional Company Holidays

In addition to statutory holidays like boxing day, offering extra paid holidays or floating holidays can be an attractive benefit. This demonstrates your company’s commitment to work-life balance.


  1. Flexible Holiday Policies

Implement flexible holiday policies that allow employees to swap statutory holidays for other days that might be more meaningful to them. This can be especially appealing for a diverse workforce with varying cultural and religious backgrounds.


  1. Holiday Pay Premiums

Offer premium pay for employees who work on statutory holidays. This can be a significant financial incentive and can highlight your company’s fair compensation practices.


  1. Promote Work-Life Balance

Use statutory holidays as part of a broader emphasis on work-life balance. Highlight other benefits such as flexible working hours, remote work options, and generous leave policies.


  1. Regional Comparisons

If your province has a more favourable statutory holiday policy compared to neighbouring provinces, make this a key part of your recruitment marketing. Employees may be willing to relocate for a better quality of life.


  1. Cultural and Community Events

Link statutory holidays to local cultural and community events. Show potential employees the vibrant cultural life they can enjoy by moving to your province. This can be especially appealing to those looking for a sense of community and belonging.


  1. Highlight Seasonal Benefits

If your province has statutory holidays during popular vacation seasons (e.g., summer, winter), emphasize how employees can take advantage of these periods for extended breaks.


  1. Educational Support

If statutory holidays align with school holidays, promote the ease this creates for employees with children. This can be a major factor for families considering relocation.


Example Messaging for Recruitment

  • Quality of Life: “Join us in [Province] and enjoy an exceptional work-life balance with [X] statutory holidays per year, providing you with more time to explore, relax, and spend with loved ones.”
  • Financial Incentives: “Our employees benefit from premium pay for working on statutory holidays, ensuring fair compensation and appreciation for their dedication.”
  • Community and Culture: “Experience the rich cultural heritage of [Province] with our statutory holidays aligning with local festivals and community events.”


By effectively communicating the benefits of statutory holidays and integrating them into a broader strategy focused on work-life balance and employee well-being, you can make your job offers more attractive to out-of-province talent.