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Why Your Company Should Hire An Outside Recruiter

Why Your Company Should Hire an Outside Recruiter

At some point, every company will need to hire a new employee. Sometimes it happens when you’re growing quickly and sometimes it’s because of a temporary need. Either way, hiring is part of running any business and can be very stressful if not done correctly. In this article, we will explore why your company should consider hiring an outside recruiter.

You need someone dedicated

Recruiting specialists are highly skilled and knowledgeable in all aspects of hiring, including finding top-quality candidates,  screening resumes, conducting interviews, checking references, negotiating offers with candidates, preparing contracts with new hires, and much more. 

They know exactly where to look for talent based on the requirements listed in your job requirements. Moreover, as opposed to waiting for responses on your job ad, recruiters will actively reach out to candidates.

If your company lacks the room for a dedicated hiring manager, using a recruiting firm is a wise choice.

You need to find passive candidates

Passive candidates are not actively looking for a new job, however, by reaching out to passive candidates, you open yourself up to a wider talent pool of qualified individuals who may not have otherwise applied.

Recruiters are well-versed in finding passive candidates: they likely have a database of previous candidates. Additionally, they will also reach out directly via social media sites such as Linkedin, etc.

You need a structured approach

Recruiters have a structured approach to hiring, which means they can help you design the process for hiring to ensure you don’t miss anything. 

For example, here at Red Seal Recruiting, we have a proven process that allows us to eliminate the headache and find the best candidates for our clients. 

Engaging a recruiting firm (or opting to hire an outside recruiter) can assist in delineating the job description, ensuring that the qualifications required for each position are clear. They’ll also set up a system for interviewing and hiring candidates so your team doesn’t get overloaded with new hires at once, allowing them to focus on one person at a time.

Mastering the skill of recruiting requires considerable time and effort, given its complexities. Therefore, hiring an outside recruiter can be the best move for your company. Hiring a professional recruiter saves time and reduces stress in the hiring process, allowing more focus on other business aspects.

They also have access to specialized resources like social media channels and industry-specific databases that can help you find exactly who you need for open roles within your company.


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