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We take the stress out of finding the best candidates for your openings.

Red Seal Recruiting Solutions recruits, screens, and delivers the best trades and industrial management candidates to fill your permanent and temporary job openings to meet construction, maintenance and production targets. We consult with you on ways to meet your hiring needs and deliver solutions that go beyond traditional recruiting.
We have outlined our advertised search methods, screening, and aptitude testing services here for your quick reference. Please call Kael Campbell at 1-855-RED-SEAL (733-7325) to explore these options further or to discuss alternative recruiting and hiring solutions.



Attract the best people to your organization

An engaged or retained search is recommended as the best way to raise your company’s recruiting profile and to attract the best people to your organization.

By investing the costs upfront, you reserve the concentrated efforts of our recruitment profession for your role.

Red Seal will work closely with your hiring team every step of the way and provide weekly transparent updates to ensure we are focusing the search for you. These reports will assist in understanding the available talent pool and ensure that your company hires the most valuable employees available within your budget.

From custom salary surveys to interview facilitation, the engaged search is a full service that gives you a team of search professionals dedicated to your account.

Engaged Search
Our engaged search services include:

  • Targeted outreach and networking with and beyond the 100,000 people who we have worked with in the past.
  • Recommend best places to advertise to ensure maximum exposure and response.
  • Shortlisting suitable candidates.
  • Negotiating a preferential rate for you with relevant publications.
  • Facilitating behavior-based interviews with the candidates.
  • Conducting psychometric testing of candidates, if required.
  • Presenting the list to you complete with a full detailed profile of each candidate.


$99 (Sale Price)
/ job
  • Red Seal Recruiting Job board
  • Posting would be live for 30 days
  • Target over 14,000 trades and management people who visit our website every month
  • Volume discounts available
  • Automatic postings to reduce internal employee efforts
  • Photo and Video Embedding to make your jobs Standout
as needed
  • Headhunting using subscription services
  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)
  • Technical screening and aptitude assessments
  • Technology services center for capturing strategic candidates
  • Target Candidate Marketing
  • Job board advertising and resume screening
  • Hiring fairs to help fill dozens of roles
  • Targetted hiring and onboarding for expats and from Multinational Companies
  • Consulting on Recruiting and Hiring Processes, Employee Referrals and ATS selection
Contingency Fee
  • Includes all Hourly Recruitment Benefits
  • Prescreened Candidates
  • Compensation Analysis
  • Targeted Search & Selection
  • Professional & Personal Networking
  • Access to a paid referral Network
  • Reference Checking
  • Full Guaranteed
  • No upfront cost


I enjoyed working with Red Seal Recruiting team. Out of many great things about them I want to highlight those 3: timely and attentive to Client’s needs, resourceful, and able to find talent when other Recruitment services seem to struggle and reasonably priced

I’ve used Red Seal Recruiting Solutions Ltd for our recruiting and found the service to be excellent. They are very helpful and responsive to their customers.

We recently engaged Red Seal Recruiting to help us find and hire a senior technical sales executive. We selected Red Seal over other recruitment firms we considered because of their industry specialization and the expertise offered by Kael Campbell and Maki Morriss. The technical sales role is incredibly specialized and we knew that finding the right person would be a real challenge. From the outset, we were impressed by the effective search Red Seal conducted. They were inventive, responsive and proactive, communicating with us every step of the way. We are pleased to say that we found a great candidate to join our team! We would recommend Red Seal to any company looking for niche talent.

Additional services:

Background Checking
Red Seal has online solutions for completing background checks. Working with our partners, we can have the results of a criminal record check within 1-2 business days for candidates within Canada and the US. We are also experienced with criminal record and reference checking for international candidates.
Aptitude Testing
Red Seal has worked with Shawn Bakker, an Industrial Psychologist with Psychometrics, to design a package of tests tailored to recruiting Industrial, Manufacturing, Utility and Municipal employees. These tests are a valuable tool that assist us in making the decision to bring a candidate on site for a final interview.
Psychometric tests alongside interviewing offers a reliable, objective, and cost-effective measure of the personal characteristics that predict job performance. Our collection of mechanical, verbal, numerical and personality tests, measure candidates’ problem-solving and learning skills.

  • Personality Index- measures 17 personality traits related to job performance
  • Mechanical Reasoning Test – a test of spatial reasoning ability
  • Verbal and numerical ability tests
  • Employee Reliability Inventory – identify high-risk candidates

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