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We take the stress out of finding the best candidates for your openings.

Red Seal Recruiting Solutions recruits, screens, and delivers the best trades and industrial management candidates to fill your permanent and temporary job openings to meet construction, maintenance and production targets. We consult with you on ways to meet your hiring needs and deliver solutions that go beyond traditional recruiting.
We have outlined our advertised search methods, screening, and aptitude testing services here for your quick reference. Please call Kael Campbell at 1-855-RED-SEAL (733-7325) to explore these options further or to discuss alternative recruiting and hiring solutions.

Our Methods

We have been working a niche trades and industrial management recruitment market for over 10 years, and have access to tens of thousands of resumes. Here are just a few of the methods we use to match you with the ideal employee:
Identify and reach out to candidates

  • Research where to find the best candidates to fill your position
  • Network with our contacts to find the best employed candidates
  • Database search to find potential candidates
  • Handle all advertising of the position to ensure maximum exposure and response

Screen the candidates

  • Conduct screening interviews with candidates
  • Facilitate psychometric testing, if required
  • Perform reference checks

Coordinate candidate and client interaction

  • Provide comprehensive candidate packages that include a resume, complete interview, and summary to client
  • Arrange for in-house interviews and host if required

Keep in touch

  • Work with the candidates to ensure a smooth transition to their new position
  • Follow up with both parties

Additional services:

Background Checking
Red Seal has online solutions for completing background checks. Working with our partners, we can have the results of a criminal record check within 1-2 business days for candidates within Canada and the US. We are also experienced with criminal record and reference checking for international candidates.
Aptitude Testing
Red Seal has worked with Shawn Bakker, an Industrial Psychologist with Psychometrics, to design a package of tests tailored to recruiting Industrial, Manufacturing, Utility and Municipal employees. These tests are a valuable tool that assist us in making the decision to bring a candidate on site for a final interview.
Psychometric tests alongside interviewing offers a reliable, objective, and cost-effective measure of the personal characteristics that predict job performance. Our collection of mechanical, verbal, numerical and personality tests, measure candidates’ problem-solving and learning skills.

  • Personality Index- measures 17 personality traits related to job performance
  • Mechanical Reasoning Test – a test of spatial reasoning ability
  • Verbal and numerical ability tests
  • Employee Reliability Inventory – identify high-risk candidates

Please do not hesitate to contact us to begin an advertised search or to inquire about other recruiting and hiring consulting services which may be of interest to you.

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