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Are You Responsive Enough Towards Your Candidates?

Are you Responsive Enough Towards Your Candidates?

One of the most essential things about recruiting is how responsive you are to your candidates.

In order to hire effectively and efficiently, three things need to happen – and today we are sharing what these are.


There needs to be one person accountable for moving candidates forward through the process, from receiving a resume, to scheduling interviews, to doing pre-screens, to getting an offer letter out – somebody has to be accountable. 

This shouldn’t be the owner, the president, or the general manager; but somebody who keeps everything marching down through the process. That same person might need to get that offer letter signed by the president or the general manager. Regardless, one person has to be accountable.


It has to be scheduled – as in interviews have to be scheduled in people’s calendars in advance, even before you have the candidates.

Nobody should say, “oh, maybe we’ll make time for that really good person.” Know, if something’s important you make time for it. If somebody is always too busy, that’s a red flag. If something has to be put off to next week, it’s a red flag. 

When something is important, you schedule it. For example, fitness, family, health; you put it in your calendar to make sure to do these important things.


Finally, not having a set schedule for how you hire and what not having a really tight process for your interviews is a failure. It allows bias to come in and allows multiple interviews to happen.

Google did a study of all their hiring over the course of the year and found that having four people interview maximizes the chances of a good hire. Bringing in a fifth person doesn’t make any marginal increase in the effectiveness of your hiring.

Having an interview package that contains set questions and a system of scoring is really important in making that hiring decision. There should never be a need to bring somebody back in for an interview or have several of rounds of interviews.

Even the most intensive interviewing talk grading can be done in one day. Moreover, if you need to get late leaders involved in the process, you can record interviews, you can record telephone screens, and share that with decision-makers to keep the process moving forward.

If you are too loose with your hiring timeframes you will miss out on candidates, bottom line.

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