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Why Your Company Website Needs A Job Board

Why Your Company Website Needs a Job Board

After 20 years of blood, sweat, and tears attracting employees..  well, to be honest, 20 years of carpal tunnel, planes, trains, and automobiles (still with tears) attracting employees, I’ve learned a few things. Having a company job board is definitely one of the most important.

Why Your Company Website Needs a Careers Page

While sharing and promoting your Indeed job posts on other platforms, like Linkedin and Facebook, is easy, it can have some drawbacks.

Sending candidates to third-party sites that encourage them to click and browse, and the opportunities are endless is simply counterproductive when it comes to your company’s hiring needs.

Additionally, as potential candidates upload their resumes to Indeed, headhunters will immediately start messaging them. Good ones will find these candidates’ phone numbers and start calling and/or texting them. 

Even if these headhunters aren’t successful, they will keep your new employee in their database and reach out to them often in the future, increasing the chance of turnover.

What to do instead:

 Direct candidates to a careers page on your own company website.

You can build a free custom company job board using WordPress Job Manager, or equivalent, and share career opportunities right on your website.

Just like in marketing, you can build a funnel that will help people convert/buy, or in this case, apply with your company. 

Your company website is where you can control the funnel, control the messaging, and convert potential employees.

The bottom line is that company job boards are an essential tool for recruiting and hiring the best candidates. If you’re using Indeed, that’s okay too, but it’s time to switch over to company job boards also. 

You’ll find that there are plenty of people who want to work for your company, and the best way to get them interested is through a company job board built specifically for employers.

Check out our job board here.

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