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The Other Skills Trades Employers Are Looking For

The Other Skills Trades Employers are Looking For

The trades industry includes a wide range of jobs, such as Electricians, Heavy Duty Mechanics, Plumbers, Carpenters, HVAC Technicians, and many more. Alongside trade certifications, proficiency in the top skills in the trades industry is essential. Whether you are just starting out in your career or experienced and looking for a new employer, make sure to emphasize these skills both on your resume and during your interview(s).

Here are some of the top skills that employers in the trades industry are looking for:

Technical proficiency: Of course, employers in the trades industry are looking for workers who have the technical skills and knowledge necessary to perform the specific job they’re hiring for. This includes knowledge of tools, equipment, and materials, as well as an understanding of industry-specific regulations and codes.

Problem-solving: The ability to troubleshoot and solve problems is crucial in the trades industry. Tradespeople often work on complex systems and need to be able to diagnose and fix issues quickly and efficiently.

Communication: Strong communication skills are important for various jobs. For tradespeople, it is a key skill, as they often work in teams and need to be able to explain technical issues to non-technical colleagues and customers.

Attention to detail: The ability to pay close attention to details is essential in the trades industry. Small errors can have big consequences, so tradespeople need to be able to catch and correct mistakes before they become major problems.

Time management: Tradespeople often have to manage multiple projects at once. Same time, they need to be able to stay organized and meet deadlines is essential for success in the industry.

Flexibility: The trades industry is constantly changing, so being open to learning new skills and adapting to new technologies is important for staying current and relevant in the field.

Physical fitness and stamina: Many trades involve physically demanding work and can be taxing on the body. Thus, employers prefer candidates with reasonable physical fitness and stamina.

Safety awareness: Safety is a critical consideration in the trades industry. Therefore, employers want workers who are aware of potential hazards and take steps to minimize risks.


Overall, employers in the trades industry are looking for employees who have a combination of various skills. This list includes: technical proficiency, problem-solving skills, strong communication, attention to detail, good time management skills, flexibility, physical fitness and stamina, and a strong commitment to safety.

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