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Supporting Ukrainians Coming to Canada

The world is facing one of the largest humanitarian crises this century, with over 4 million Ukrainians fleeing war, and many Canadian companies are looking to hire Ukrainians for their teams as our way of helping out. 

Recruiting Ukrainians right now is not easy but with no paperwork needed and Ukrainians arriving daily across the country, it is time for employers to step up.

Ukrainian individuals can apply for and receive a Canada-Ukraine Authorization for Emergency Travel Visa (CUAET) and an open work permit in a matter of weeks. No LMIA, fees or special work is needed by employers. 

Helping new employees with flights and accommodations may be helpful because although the Canadian government has promised free charter flights and lots of Canadians are opening their homes, over 100,000 Ukrainians have applied to come. Additionally, employers from around the world are hiring Ukrainians as there is a global talent shortage, so moving quickly and going the extra mile is important.

Work Permits will be granted for 3 years and are officially printed up at airports when Ukrainians arrive, while the CUAET to travel can be applied for online and completed in countries surrounding Ukraine such as Poland and even Russia. 

Biometric processing is not available within Ukraine and most men 18-60 are currently unable to leave the country. Many men are leaving with their families or were trapped outside of the country working or travelling when the war started.

We are seeing amazing Engineers, Project Managers, Leaders, Data Scientists, as well as people involved in Construction, Manufacturing, Tech, Sales, and Marketing. Some have excellent English with experience working for Canadian and US companies, while others are learning English as fast as they can and are able to use Google Translate on their phones to communicate.

Ukrainians and their family members may apply for the CUAET here:

The above is a government website and is updated regularly.

Below are some additional resources for employers looking to support Ukraninan individuals arriving in Canada, however, feel free to comment on this post if you have specific questions, or call us at 1-855-733-7325.


Canadian Jobs for Ukrainians

A great networking resource that has been set up is the Facebook group ‘Canadian Jobs for Ukrainians’.

This Facebook group was created by Red Seal Recruiting with the purpose of connecting Canadian employers with Ukrainian individuals who have been displaced due to the ongoing conflict.

As of 20 April 2022, there are 2300 members in this group, and posts going up daily from skilled people seeking employment here in Canada.

You may request to join this group here.


Ukrainian Canadian Congress

The Ukrainian Canadian Congress is the voice of Canada’s Ukrainian community and brings together all the national, provincial, and local Ukrainian-Canadian organizations. They have been instrumental in representing the interests of one of Canada’s largest ethnic communities (1.4 million) since 1940.

On the UCC website, you can find a great deal of information and resources, including Immigration Canada updates, in both English and Ukrainian.


Help Ukraine Vancouver Island

Another good resource started on Vancouver Island is ‘Help Ukraine Vancouver Island’. This website is a terrific hub of information for both Ukrainians as well as Canadians looking for ways to assist. This site has information available in English, French and Ukrainian. 

Do you know of any resources for supporting Ukrainians coming to Canada that we should be aware of?

Let us know in the comments!


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Kael Campbell is President and Lead Recruiter of Red Seal Recruiting Solutions, a company providing recruitment services in mining, equipment and plant maintenance, utilities, manufacturing, construction, and transportation. When he is not recruiting, Kael spends as much time as possible with family in the great outdoors and on the water. He volunteers his time as a Board Member of the Entrepreneurs Organization of Vancouver Island. We have a wide variety of services to help you find the best employees. See how we can help on our Recruiting Solutions page.