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Getting Responses On Linkedin And Professional Social Networks

Getting Responses on Linkedin and Professional Social Networks

Professional social networks, like LinkedIn, have become powerful tools to find the people you are looking for. If you set up your search right, you might find several candidates for the role you need in seconds. 

However, connecting with those candidates and getting responses is a whole different challenge. So today we are sharing some tips on how to improve your response rate on professional social networks.

Use the subject line wisely

What you decide to put on the subject line (and in the first sentence) should be attractive enough for people to want to open your message. 

35% of people decide whether they’ll open or not an email based only on the subject line. It is key to catch their attention with that first glance, so when they are skimming through their inbox they’ll stop at your message. 


Another way to get your reader’s attention and get more responses is to do some research before you send out a message and personalize it. You can mention a connection you two have in common, their skills, education, or latest posts. 

Show real interest in the other person and you will get more responses.

Keep it straight to the point

According to Linkedin, InMail messages shorter than 400 characters get a 22% higher response rate than longer messages. 

Your first message should be direct, and straightforward – It should be a conversation started. 

Your message should have a clear reason why you are reaching out. Using the word “because” to state the reason why you are contacting them doubles the response rate. 

Have a clear call-to-action

In order to get a response, you need to be specific about which kind of response you are looking for. 

Are you asking for a call? For their resume? For a meeting? For their contact information? 

Be clear and explicit about the action you are requesting for the recipient so they can follow through. 


Don’t give up when you don’t get a response. Follow up and the chances of getting a response will increase significantly. However, be careful not to overwhelm your recipient. 

One way to do this is to schedule your follow-up message for 4 or 5 days after the first message and then send the third message 7 days later. 

Send messages during office hours

LinkedIn reports that messages sent outside working hours have a significant drop in their response rate, while Mondays have a slightly better response rate. 

Schedule your message to be sent during business hours, this also shows respect for others’ personal time. 

The overall goal is to get the conversation started and get more qualified candidates or clients. Always be courteous. If you are reaching out to the wrong person, they might point you in the right direction if you are nice and respectful in your communication.

By utilizing these tips, you can confidently contact your candidates, or future clients, and increase your response rate!

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