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7 Reasons To Settle Down In Toronto, Canada

7 Reasons to Settle Down in Toronto, Canada

Canada is attracting hundreds of thousands of immigrants every year. One of the most popular places to settle down is the city of Toronto. Located on the shores of Lake Ontario, Toronto is just over the border from the United States. In fact, you can drive to many U.S. cities in just a few hours.

Toronto is often described as the most diverse city in the world because more than half its population was born outside Canada. People settle in Toronto from all over the world, producing a melting pot of vibrant cultures, business ventures, and job opportunities. 

The list of reasons to settle down in Toronto is endless, but here are some of the main reasons you should consider this city for your new home:

1. Job Opportunities

The job market in Toronto is thriving. So much so, that at the beginning of 2020, it was experiencing a record low in unemployment levels. 

While employment in sectors like manufacturing and warehousing are on the decline, the tech scene and finance industry are booming in Toronto. Many global corporations have their Canadian headquarters based there, too. With its towering skyscrapers and modern, metropolitan aesthetic, Toronto has cornered the “white collar” job market in Canada. 

Some Toronto executives have been quoted as saying that a shortage of qualified labour is a constant anxiety for senior management. So the availability of jobs and career opportunities are a fantastic reason to move to Toronto

2. Quality of life

Job opportunities are not the only things to consider when seeking employment in a new city. There’s not much point working hard and still struggling to enjoy life in your new home. Luckily, Toronto’s quality of life is high, with very few gripes among residents.

A quick look at the city’s Numbeo profile is pretty revealing:


  • High quality of life score (148.91)
  • High safety index
  • High healthcare index
  • Low pollution index
  • Moderate cost of living index


  • High property price to income ratio
  • High traffic levels during daily commutes

Accommodation may be expensive in Toronto, but there is plenty of supply keeping the prices relatively stable. 

3. Things to do

Once you clock off from your new job, you want to be somewhere with lots to do in your free time to make the most out of life. Luckily, Toronto is packed with things to do for all ages and interests. 

If you’re into sports, now is the perfect time to become a basketball fan. The Toronto Raptors won the NBA in 2019, much to the ecstatic delight of Torontonians all across the city. Aside from basketball, there’s no better way to spend an evening than taking in a Blue Jay’s baseball game or chanting with the crowd at a Toronto FC soccer game.

Since it’s home to the world-renowned Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), it’s no surprise that there’s a big focus on the arts. You’ll find plenty of theatres, galleries, and museums to peruse at the weekend.

A thriving nightlife also creates a buzzing atmosphere in the city among the many restaurants, cafes, bars, and nightclubs.

4. Public amenities

Canada is renowned for its public health system which offers free healthcare to residents. But there are lots of other ways Toronto looks after its citizens.

Bikers can enjoy miles of cycle-only paths throughout the city ensuring a safe ride. Families can enjoy plenty of playgrounds and community centres with free swimming pool access. If you’re moving with a young family, you’ll be glad to know that the public school system for primary and secondary school in Toronto is also highly rated.

The city regularly runs free events and recreational activities. In the summer you might come across free movies in a park, while in winter there are outdoor ice skating rinks available throughout the city.

5. Transport

As rents have started to climb in Toronto, many people have been choosing to commute from the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) into their downtown offices. Fortunately, commuting doesn’t have to be a headache in Toronto because of its well-developed and reasonably priced public transport system.

GTA residents can use inter-city trains, buses, an extensive subway system, and on-street trams to quickly and easily make their way to and from work.

6. Parks and Nature

When living or working in the city, it’s no fun to feel like you’re stuck in a concrete jungle. There’s little fear of that in Toronto as the city maintains numerous parks and green spaces where you can relax on your lunch break or after work. 

Some of the bigger parks include High Park, Trinity Bellwoods, and the Toronto Islands.

7. Travel opportunities

If you want to take the opportunity to explore North America, Toronto is the perfect spot. Take a quick flight to New York for a long weekend or use your vacation days to explore the beautiful national parks all over Canada for some outdoor adventure. 

There is no doubt that Toronto is a booming job market with plenty of career opportunities, but there are lots of other reasons to take those opportunities and make this amazing city your home. 

Looking for more info on Toronto and other areas in Ontario? Check out our Great Places to Work: Ontario page. 


Places Not to Miss in Toronto Canada – Infographic

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