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How Your Candidates Can Work For You… Before Working For You

        In our blog in December we wrote about how responsive candidates expect organizations to be; today we turn our attention to how the experience of final candidates can either be the icing on your recruiting cake or the poison in your organizations recruitment potion. With a few keystrokes, the experience one has with an organization can be known across a broad online network. The candidate experience is becoming as important as on-boarding to organizations and this is why employers should examine their own practices.

        An old colleague of mine just flew down from Prince George for an interview on Vancouver Island and posted a picture similar to this on Facebook:


The post was accompanied by a statement similar to “My new view, with work only 10 minutes away”.

        The average Facebook user has 338 friends, which includes former classmates, current co-workers and past co-workers. My colleagues’ post was brilliant recruitment marketing on behalf of the organization that treated him like a ‘VIP’. All it took was booking the candidate a decent hotel room with a view and he was marketing the company and location. The key here is this candidate was a ‘VIP’, one of the most important professionals in the industry. He’s a 2nd Class Power Engineer which is a strategic and vital position required by law for every power producing facility in Canada. It was also recently listed as the number one in demand profession in Alberta.

        We have clients that spend hundreds of thousands a year on recruitment advertising. A candidate sharing their positive experience along with a memorable photo on social media can be remembered and shared with dozens of your target passive candidates. Why not let your candidates do the marketing for you? They can tell hundreds or thousands about your company in seconds!