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Working 2 Jobs?

Working 2 jobs?

It’s amazing how frequently full-time professionals have told me they are “working 2 jobs” or have taken on a second full-time job. These laborers divide their duties in half, work concurrently for two employers, and occasionally manage two or more calendars. Other times they may have joined a multi-level marketing firm which in itself can be very detrimental. No matter the distraction there is no way they can be as productive as someone working a reasonable amount of hours per week and is well rested. 

This trend has become increasingly rampant in the past few years. With entrepreneurial friends, one fired a new hire who was a “little slow” but did great work. The employee was actually working full-time for the government while working for my friends’ company. In another case, my friend had an employee who suggested the company hire his brother. However, this employee didn’t even have a sibling; he pretended to do the job of the brother, essentially working 2 jobs and bringing in 2 salaries!

Sometimes it may indicate that their primary employer has a flawed hiring process, unsatisfactory work culture or a flawed compensation structure that compels employees to take on extra jobs. A good culture should offer opportunities for challenging and interesting work and also higher compensation through promotions or bonuses.

Although dual employment in itself isn’t illegal, some employers are adding exclusivity clauses and agreements to their contracts. These provisions prevent employees from working for another company until the end of their employment. If a contract states that an employee cannot work for another full-time job, employers can fire staff for just cause. Non-compete clauses can also limit second-job opportunities and be grounds for termination.

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