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Why Doesn’t It Take 24 Hours To Schedule Interviews Or Reject Candidates?

Why doesn’t it take 24 hours to schedule interviews or reject candidates?

FurthermoreWhy doesn’t it take 24 hours to schedule interviews or reject candidates? If China can build a 10-story building in 24 hours, why can’t companies schedule an interview or reject a candidate in a day?

In 2021, the internet broke with a 2-minute time-lapse showing the construction of a 10-story building in 24 hours. This was a prefabricated building, but it was still amazing to see. For most people in North America, getting scheduled for an interview within 24 hours of applying would be amazing, and it is a much simpler process.

All a company needs to do is ensure qualified candidates’ resumes go to the right person, and they have an easy way to schedule interviews. The right person is the manager who decides which candidates to interview, and if they also decide who to hire, this is even better. All they need is Calendly and a Cell phone to text an invitation to candidates to schedule an interview (Or an Applicant Tracking System that does this).

Time to hire is a metric that we need to consider to reduce the cost of vacancies and candidate experience. Furthermore, it is time to focus on time to interview, as this will be key to a company’s reputation and the ability to fill vacancies and stay profitable.

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