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When Should Employee Benefits Kick In?

When Should Employee Benefits Kick In?

We were reviewing a job advertisement this week from a company trying to hire one of the most sought-after professions in the country. They are offering bonuses and retirement benefits two years after their employees start! Why would someone switch jobs now to get something in 2 years?

Recruitment best practice is offering all benefits on day 1; SIDE NOTE: if your benefits provider or a manager says it can’t be done, FIRE THEM! A 30-day delay for benefits kicking in is something many candidates will find reasonable, but three months, much less two years, is just poor practice. If you have a family and need to wait three months for insurance and benefits, switching jobs does not make sense.

When doing recruitment advertising on Job Boards for Managers or any Skilled Worker, you need to show the benefits they will get immediately. If any aspect of your offering falls short, take action to rectify it. Otherwise, consider excluding it from your job advertisement and prepare to offer significantly better pay to attract candidates.

Employee benefits are not cheap for companies to offer but are now table stakes for attracting candidates. Employers must understand the importance of providing employee benefits to remain competitive in the job market.

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