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Video resumes… when do they make sense?

The idea of video resumes have been around since the 1980’s but it has taken the popularity of Youtube, digital cameras and, dare I say it, the easy editing ability of a Mac, to make video resumes a true possibility.
The idea of a video resume for the average worker in an office or the customer service industry has always been a little far fetched to me. Trying to put knowledge and education into visual form can be difficult and demonstrating interactions with customers may prove ineffective and violate the privacy of the customer.
An area that a video resume can be very effective is in the industrial and trades people sector. Issues of privacy and how you can display your knowledge are easier to overcome. If an applicant can show the industrial work they have completed in pictures or video with text added than the video acts like a preliminary “show me interview,” where the worker demonstrates his abilities.
An Autobody Technician recently posted a great portfolio of his work to AC/DC’s Who Made Who on Youtube. This short clip really showed the magic he can work with smashed up cars. Adding key technical terms to the visuals allow him to communicate to both recruiters and technical hiring managers in a way this is difficult to do with a print resume.
You can see his video here:
By taking pictures of the work you have completed and projects you have worked on and adding a few captions, an employer can get an accurate overview of the scope and size of projects you have worked on. Additionally, this medium allows a bit of personality to shine through with a choice of song and space for a few personal pictures of you enjoying your hobbies or family life.