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Tips for writing a great resume

Tips for writing a great resume
You have probably heard it a million times:  your resume is your first impression for the employer.  Well we are going to tell you one more time, it’s your first impression make it a good one!!  What do you need to include in your resume to make sure it does not end up in the recycle bin?  Follow these tips and you will be on your way to the job you have always wanted!!

  1. Keep it simple – clear and concise!  Don’t try to add extra fluff, chances are the person reading it is just skimming, make it easy for them.  You don’t need fancy fonts, or giant headings just simple text that is lined up and looks presentable.
  2. Highlight your trade qualifications – Do you have a Red Seal, tell them right off the bat. Don’t make them guess.
  3. Timeline – make sure that your experience is in order starting with your most recent position.
  4. Customize your Resume – take a look at the requirements on the job description.  Make sure to use the employers language.  A lot of times the person screening your resume is looking for key words if they are not there you may get pushed to the bottom of the pile. Customizing your resume shows that you took the time to read the job description and are interested in the position.
  5. Edit, then edit again – Get someone to read it for you before you submit it.  An objective eye helps to catch any spelling mistakes.

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