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How Text Messaging Is Killing Email

How Text Messaging Is Killing Email

Mobile phone friendly job boards are no longer optional: they are the bare minimum companies now need in order to communicate with candidates. In recruitment do we strive for bare minimum or is our goal in recruitment to hire the best talent? The new standard in customer service according to Andrew Prokop is text messaging. Does your recruitment process take advantage of the most popular communication method in the United States?

Surprising Text Messaging Stats for Businesses

Reprinted with permission from
How Text Messaging Is Changing the Customer Experience
by Andrew Prokop. Twitter: @ajprokop

Text Messaging Improves the Candidate Experience

As recruiters, we need to communicate with candidates the way they want to rather than the way we are accustomed to. There are lots of options available. You can work with your business phone provider or choose a standalone SMS software solution. Several Applicant Tracking Systems (such as Bullhorn, cBizSoft Exelare and Zoho Recruit) have text messaging in place. Organizations that thrive on client service can easily have text messaging capability.
For top strategic talent, implementing text messaging is a must. We have been using text messaging options in all of our recruitment advertising and it works!

Photo: Unsplash