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The agricultural industry is arguably the most important industry in any country. Everyone needs to eat, and we all get food the same way–we grow it, we raise it, we manufacture, process and distribute it. There are innumerable moving parts and equipment that are needed to get a loaf of bread to the grocery store. An average person could probably identify a tractor or a combine, but what about precision agricultural equipment, seeder, sprayer, or bailer? Agricultural equipment is so specialized and so necessary, it requires its own mechanics, experts, and dealers. That’s where you come in.

As agricultural equipment dealers, you provide our farmers with key equipment and support. You need to stay up to date on the latest technology, be aware of safety concerns and best practices, and have the resources to serve your clients–whether it’s in the shop or the field. 

How we can help

Red Seal Recruiting has long worked with agricultural equipment dealers. We’ve assisted in placing every role from sales representatives to field service mechanics to branch managers. These roles can be hard to fill. Often you’ll need someone with a specific brand or factory training, or who’s fluent in brand-dependent electronic diagnostic software. And odds are, the same role will also require excellent customer service skills and the ability to communicate with people from various backgrounds. We can help you find that person.

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