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Keep Up To Date On Salary Surveys

Keep up to date on salary surveys

In the past few years, there’s been a shift to allowing more wage transparency within companies. The more employees keep themselves informed on the market rates, the more power they have when it comes to wage negotiations. Know your worth and make sure you’re being compensated based on what counts–your job performance. 

Here are some resources that can help you find out the average wages for your profession.

Check out these links on wage data:

  • Believe it or not, Facebook is a great way to find out info. Odds are, there is a Facebook group for your field, be it Millwrights in BC or HDMs in the States. They are filled with members you can connect with and ask about wage rates in their area.
  • Same thing with LinkedIn: connect with people in similar positions and ask what they make! You’d find most people are willing to share info if you express interest. 
  • The Government of Canada publishes salary data by industry, profession, province and region. Something to note though is they also include salaries from apprentices, so the findings will be different than if it was just ticketed trades people’s salaries.
  • If you’re curious about raises, this Statistics Canada report compares  earnings by industry throughout the year.
  • For engineers, the Apega in Alberta puts out a great survey (lots of graphs!) that comes out in mid-June.
  • You could also check out our quarterly salary surveys for Heavy Duty Mechanics, Power Line Technicians, Millwrights and Electricians.

Kael Campbell is President and Lead Recruiter of Red Seal Recruiting Solutions, a company providing recruitment services in mining, equipment and plant maintenance, utilities, manufacturing, construction, and transportation. When he is not recruiting, Kael spends as much time as possible with family in the great outdoors and on the water. He volunteers his time as a Board Member of the Entrepreneurs Organization of Vancouver Island. You are invited to subscribe to our Job Seeker newsletter or submit your resume.