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Referral PolicyRed Seal wants to reward you for helping your friends and colleagues access our opportunities and will make every effort to ensure that you are rewarded.

If you refer a candidate to Red Seal you will be eligible for a reward if the person you referred accepts a placement with Red Seal within 180 days of your referral and if the conditions below are met. Please note certain jobs are not eligible for the employee referral program, including jobs that disclose the company name, or otherwise indicate ineligibility.

If the referred candidate had, at the time you made the referral, already applied for or been contacted by Red Seal for the position that you are referring them for, you will not be eligible for a reward.

In the event that two people refer the same candidate, the person who submitted the referral first will receive credit for the referral.
Rewards will only be paid for a successfully-placed referred candidate who accepts a contract or permanent position with Red Seal or one of its clients within 180 days of the referral and who has completed a minimum of 30 days of employment with Red Seal or one of its clients.

After the placement of the referred candidate is confirmed, you must submit an email to receive the referral reward. Referral invoices will be paid after the 30th day of the referred candidate’s start date.

You will receive $500 for both the 1st and 2nd successfully placed referral that meets our terms and conditions.

For every subsequent successfully placed referral that meets our terms and conditions, you will receive a trip for two anywhere within the United States or Canada depending on what country you live in. Trips must be booked over 45 days in advance and are not available for December Holiday and Thanksgiving Dates. Please inquire about available dates.

Only one reward will be paid per candidate referral.