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Home Sweet Home, Family is a Top Priority in Relocation

We always ask candidates what they are looking for in a community and why they moved from one place to another. This allows us to understand their motivation and if the benefits of a job we are hoping to place them in will fill their needs. More often then not the candidate will tell us the reason they moved was for their family.
Having just returned from Pender Island, an Island near Victoria BC, a great place for children to grow up I was reflecting on its ability to attract residents and workers. Kilometers of trails, swimming lakes and a community were everyone knows each other; it is an ideal place to raise children.
I know dozens of people who have moved to Canada from the US and their family is again the number one reason why they moved. For example, a lovely couple in their 80’s said the ability of all children, not just the rich or highly skilled, to play sports in Canada was why they moved from California in the late 1960’s.
Given the number of people who site family as a motivation for relocating and accepting a job why do we not see this information in job advertisements? Is sensitivity over the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and Provincial human rights codes preventing it?
I do not believe there are any restrictions on advertising jobs that include information that would be relevant to families. The only problem would come up if you asked about families during and interview and then based your decision to hire on that.
It might be time to highlight your community and the opportunities it presents for families, including children, parents and grandparents (who may want to live near hospitals or care facilities). Without it you might miss your biggest opportunity to attract talent.