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Happy Valentine's Day From Red Seal

Canada is a very large country. Because of this it can be one of the toughest and loneliest places on earth. This Valentines day we encourage you to take a moment to remember employees who are working far from loved ones and remember those workers who are no longer with us. The heroes who go to work every day on our oceans, in our industrial plants, up our power poles, in power plants, mines, helicopters, trucks, planes and countless other work places, are all loved by many.
Today is the anniversary of the start of the Ocean Ranger tragedy, Canada’s worst maritime disaster. 31 years ago off the coast of Newfoundland, 84 loved men lost their lives due to work place safety issues on an oil rig. The disaster will never be forgotten on the East Coast. For companies, a culture that promotes safety as first priority is key. This is especially true for the youth work force. Let’s teach our kids from an early age the importance of safety in honor of those whose lives have been lost in tragic accidents.  For every worker who is on the road, in camp and at sea, there are loved ones, parents, kids, friends, and spouses who think about them, today and every day of the year.
To every worker out there; Happy Valentines! There are many people thinking about you. Stay safe.