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Green Recruiting – great concept!

Two recent events prompted Red Seal Recruiting to conduct an internal environmental assessment.
At a recent BC Human Resource Management Association event, we learned from New York Times and international bestselling author and expert public speaker Tim Sanders that green companies retain and attract committed employees and have a better bottom line. Then, while attending a large employee orientation of one of our power utility customers, the theme of conservation and encouraging a green organization were front and centre.
So, how does a skilled trades recruiting company like Red Seal Recruiting stack up? And why should companies like ours which specialize in recruiting for high salary jobs, construction trade jobs, power line jobs – among others – and dealing with candidates seeking construction and maintenance positions and skilled trade jobs find out if their potential match is concerned about the environment?
First, Red Seal Recruiting is a Canadian employment agency which has taken a green stance from the beginning. Purchasing laptops instead of desktops; providing free videoconferencing for our customers to do video interviews instead of in-person interviews; keeping all resumes in digital format; buying scanners instead of printers; using digital voice technology that enables employees to work from home and commute less.
We have started to go green but we have a lot more room to grow. Red Seal Recruiting recently began purchasing green power bars that power down all equipment at night but we still do not have any bicycle parking for employees.
Purchasing energy star equipment reduces the strain on power lines which are maxed-out in North America. It also saves us money. This helps the company become more profitable and knowing our company is helping the environment increases employee morale, lowering employee turnover.
Power conservation continues to be an area of interest – especially as Canada moves towards electric cars and other modes of transportation less reliant on fossil fuels. Utilities are now heavily investing in “smart grid” technology that will increase the ability to manage load and guide power linemen to the exact point of power outages. This technology will provide power companies and customers with better information, which will enable greater control over power usage, encouraging more conservation.
Electrical engineers and technologists specialize in and understand transmission and electrical distribution technology. These individuals will take the lead, working for power utilities, changing the flow of energy from an un-regulated torrent to a managed flow of electricity. This will allow the U.S .and Canada to continue to enjoy the benefits of technology without requiring additional power generation that harms the environment.