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In manufacturing, downtime or inefficiencies can kill profitability when working with high speed and specialized equipment. Having a top quality team is the key in making sure this doesn’t happen. With this in mind, you simply can’t afford to recruit anything but the best candidates.

Leverage Our Experience and Database

Red Seal has been recruiting food and beverage manufacturing management, engineering and maintenance personnel since 2005. Red Seal knows that the food and beverage industries require specialized skills and experience, such as: dual ticketed tradespeople, experience on smaller and faster moving equipment, sanitary welding, and experience with packaging equipment. Red Seal has serviced all sizes of facilities; from large 24/7 operations to small custom manufacturing companies. We have serviced both the primary and secondary food manufacturing sectors, and all types of beverage companies, including wineries and breweries. Red Seal has had the pleasure of working with truly unique and fantastic customers.
Now in our tenth year of recruiting, we have a huge employee database and access to thousands of high quality potential recruits. We can help you find the skilled employees you need to maintain profitability and ensure safety.

Knowledgeable and Skilled Employees

We help source highly qualified candidates in many areas:

  • Engineers – Mechanical, Electrical, Process, Reliability, Power
  • Vice Presidents/Directors of Manufacturing
  • Plant Managers, General Managers, Superintendents
  • Maintenance Management, Planning and Trades
  • Production Managers, Supervisors, Specialists and entry-level personnel.
  • Human Resources, Safety & Training
  • Trades – Millwrights, Welders, Electricians, and Mechanics.

Contact us to learn more

Please get in touch to find out how we can assist in your recruitment of top-quality employees. Call 1-855-733-7325 or email at

Learn more about our recruiting solutions for skilled trades and experienced management.


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