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In food manufacturing, quality, health standards, downtime or production problems can really restrict revenue. By ensuring you have access to the best available talent you can ensure your production schedule is met and your customers are supplied. With this in mind, finding the best-employed candidates in the market and attracting them to your operation is key to staying profitable.

Leverage Our Experience and Network

Our team has been recruiting food and beverage manufacturing employees for over 10 years. Team Red Seal knows that the food and beverage industries require specialized skills and experience, such as quality, processes and preventative maintenance, electrical, mechanical and PLC knowledge, experience on high-speed equipment, packaging expertise, and excellent team-work and communications skills. Red Seal has serviced all sizes of facilities; from large 24/7 operations to small custom bakeries and distilleries. We have helped with recruitment and hiring to both the primary and secondary food manufacturing sectors, and all types of beverage companies, including wineries and breweries. Red Seal has had the pleasure of working with truly unique and fantastic customers who produce some delicious products.

We have great connections with high-quality professionals who are not actively looking for a new opportunity but we can engage them to help them start thinking about their next challenge. We can help you find the right employees you need to strengthen your team, increase profitability and ensure safety.

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