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Understanding your needs

Recruitment is project work. The project is to find the best-matched employee for the client. By speaking with you either in person or by phone, we ensure that we can correctly communicate what your company has to offer and the details of the position. This first step is crucial if we want to find you candidates who have the skills, attitude, and experience you require. We take this information to prepare the job posting and work with you until you are fully satisfied with our results.

Research and locate candidates

Focussing on tradespeople allows us to narrow our search and begin networking immediately to identify top candidates. Using thorough and effective research we know where your candidates will be and how we can communicate with them.

Market the job to your candidates

Using effective phone, internet, and print based marketing we communicate the job you have to candidates and ensure they receive all the information they need.

Evaluate your candidates

Our screening and evaluation techniques allow us to find the ideal candidates with the skills, attitude and work ethic you are looking for. By using the most advanced techniques we quickly find the best fit for your organization while showing the candidates the care and respect that they deserve. The screening process includes phone interviews, behavioral based interviews, reference checking and optional aptitude testing.

Present your candidates

You will be provided with a detailed summary of the most qualified candidates that understand your organization, goals, and opportunities.

Arrange a final interview

We will assist in organizing your telephone and in-person interviews with the candidate.

Negotiation and delivery

We work with you to secure the candidate you would like to hire – from extending offers to negotiating terms of employment such as a start date.

Follow up

After a job offer has been extended and accepted, our job is not done. If required, we will lead the candidate through the resignation process from their previous employer, and work with you to help arrange relocation to the new location. Red Seal will continue to support the candidates through the transition to your company.