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Don’t neglect hobbies and interests on your resume

The Recruiters Corner:
As a Recruiter, I read a LOT of resumes. Some catch my attention and well, the others, not so much. The question that I get a lot from candidates is “how can I stand out?”.  From my experience, one thing that all good resumes seem to have in common is that they have a section dedicated to hobbies and interests.  That section at the end of the resume that often gets neglected because it is thought to be a waste of space. The reality is that including the hobbies and interests section in your resume, actually paints a better picture of yourself.
Hobbies and interests give the employer a great idea of your personality. In today’s job world, finding the right “fit” is crucial and it can either make or break your chances of working for a company.  Most employers look for the candidate that will fit in well with the culture of their company.
For example If you are applying for a job where you need to be outgoing and energetic, having hobbies and interests that compliment this might just be the extra kick you needed.  That being said, don’t sell them on what you think they want. Be honest if you say you like the outdoors but would rather be inside watching a game, it will most likely backfire.  Interests and hobbies are not the be all end all on a resume but they might just be the ticket to setting yourself apart from the rest of the applicants.
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