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Do You Invest Time In Your Career? The Benefits of LinkedIn

LinkedIn, a social network built for powering careers and developing professional connections, reached a milestone today as they celebrate 10 years in business.  LinkedIn is proof that investing in professional networking can be beneficial  for both job seekers and employers alike. With just a few minutes of networking online a month, one can build and maintain vital connections and keep communication lines open. So why should you invest time in this website? The Benefits of LinkedIn are highlighted below for both Employers and Job Seekers.

Benefits of LinkedIn to Employers:

  • Develop and expand your network – By building and maintaining your profile you build your credibility and your connections will want to refer you and your business to others.
  • Search for potential candidates using keywords – Be able to find great potential candidates by searching for the keywords that you are looking for in an employee.
  • Post Jobs – With more and more people using LinkedIn, this is a great avenue for posting your company positions and increasing the number of submissions you receive.
  • Groups – By developing groups focused on certain topics, you can become known as a specialist in your industry and gather insightful information from members.
  • Company Profile – Creating a profile allows you to promote and market your company to build trust and credibility attracting potential candidates.
  • Business Opportunities – Open up doors by building and developing potential business partner connections.The more you market yourself on LinkedIn, the more other users will want to work with you.

Benefits of LinkedIn to Job Seekers:

  • Build credibility – Users are able to build a strong system of referrals by having connections write recommendations and endorse their skills and abilities.
  • Get discovered – More and more recruiters are using LinkedIn to find their star candidates. By utilizing specific keywords in your profile, your chances of being discovered are higher.
  • Create your own personal address book – For those who like to attend networking events, it is easier to connect and maintain relationships with the people that you meet in-person.
  • Build connections more easily – By connecting with people on LinkedIn, you have access to their connections and can request to get introduced to others.
  • Join Groups – With the ability to join groups, you are able to discuss topics with people who share similar interests and who can provide you with insightful information that can help you in the job search process.
  • Apply for positions – More and more companies are using LinkedIn to post their job ads – apply online easily using your profile and give the employer the opportunity to have a look at your visual and interactive resume.

With just a few minutes a day, job seekers are able to  maintain connections with contacts important to their career and recruiters are able to source great candidates. Connections can be built and developed even though they may not be working in the same office or even in the same country. Here at Red Seal Recruiting, we highly recommend signing up to LinkedIn and investing the time to connect with past, current and future people who could make your career dreams and goals come true.