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A Career in the Electrical Field

Being able to maintain power is essential to running most businesses, households, and communities in this day and age.  Electricians are the professionals that keep the electricity flowing for houses, offices, mines, construction sites, manufacturing plants, pulp and paper mills and other essential operations that are vital to our economy and daily life.

There are three different electrical fields; residential, commercial and industrial.  For all of these, a person usually gets their start taking a first-year course with a registered trade’s college.  Once the first year of schooling is complete, the person then has to work in the field with a company to earn apprenticeship hours to start their second year course.  This repeats for 4 years.  Once the 4 years of schooling and the required apprenticeship hours have been completed, they must register with the Red Seal authority for their province to write their Red Seal examination to become interprovincially recognized within the trade.

Red Seal concentrates on the recruitment on Industrial Maintenance Electricians. From construction through to specialist in PLC’s, VFD’s to Master Electricians with High Voltage experience Red Seal has worked with excellent Electricians.
Electricians earn, on average, $35-40 per hour.  Many companies also include medical and dental benefits.
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