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Canadian Veteran Recruitment

This winter has been very difficult for the Canadian Military, Veterans and Canadians who support our troops. The decade of incredibly hard work the military has completed in Afghanistan, and deployments around the globe, has to be recognized by all Canadians. Recruiters, companies and organizations across Canada have to do more to support the people who have served all of us.
For companies, the very least we can do is support the recruitment of Canadian Veterans. One of the leaders in doing this is GE who actively reaches out to veterans letting them know about their opportunities within all levels of the  organization. For our Industrial and Manufacturing clients, former Military Personnel are great candidates for leadership, trades and apprenticeship roles. In British Columbia, transferring to a civilian trade is fairly easy for trades like vehicle/heavy duty equipment technicians, carpenters and millwrights (ITA BC) but for other trades like communications and electronics technicians the route may take the assistance of an experienced veteran, a transition counsellor or a great employer or recruiter. Electronic Technologist and Powerline Technicians are two trades we have seen Veterans excel in but are not able to immediately challenge through the ITA.
Finally, organizations across Canada need to give support to veterans and military personnel to ensure that they are welcome. From Search and Rescue through to community groups; the organization, knowledge and team work skills that Veterans possess are second to none.  Accommodating and reaching out to disabled and able bodied Veterans alike are the responsibility of everyone. Red Seal will double its efforts to place Military Veterans and continue to work with organizations like the Canada Company in 2014.