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Canada’s economy is creating more jobs then the US!

Canada added 69,200 jobs in January, 2011 compared to only 36,000 in the US. What is really amazing is in Canada over the last year higher-paying full-time jobs rose by 236,000 making it a very good year for job creation in Canada. Unemployment is still high in some areas but those who are willing to relocate for jobs, and are flexible in the jobs they take are doing quite well. I know a young man who is moving 500km’s to finish the last year of his apprenticeship and a young father who has taken a fly-in oil drilling camp job; each have sacrificed but are seeing rewards that are well worth it.
We see jobs being added in Ontario, Alberta, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, Manitoba and Prince Edward Island. Alberta added 22,000 jobs at an explosive rate which will have a positive impact on BC, Manitoba and Saskatchewan. Some skills like Heavy Duty Mechanics are seeing the highest demand with over 650 advertisements for Heavy Equipment Technicians across the country.
The impact of strong oil prices will hopefully result in positive job growth throughout Canada for the rest of the year. With oil passing $100 a barrel oil sands and conventional oil exploration and production expansion will continue resulting in very strong BC and AB economies. As long as residential and commercial development stays steady with low interest rates, most people should see an excellent 2011 and 2012.