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Canada 3rd And The US 30th In World Ranking For Professionals

Canada 3rd and the US 30th in World Ranking for Professionals

HSBC just published its world wide ranking of countries to work in for expatriates and Canada has thoroughly defeated its NAFTA partner the United Stated. Canada has climbed 3 spots from 6th to 3rd, while the United States was passed by 16 countries to fall to a lowly 30th in the world. This isn’t the Olympics but in the global competition for talent our cold weather is not stopping Canada’s rise to the top in 2017?


On the Economic front, the United States does well in Career progression, Entrepreneurship, Economic confidence, Wage growth and Disposable income. Where Canada cleans up on Job security, Work/life balance, Politics, and Savings.
On the experience front for expats working in Canada Property, Healthcare, Finance, Safety, IntegrationMaking friends, Health, Culture and Quality of life all were categories Canada won hands down! Healthcare despite being the topic of presidential debates had Canada ranked 5th and the US 45th.


On the family rankings Canada cleaned up as well, Tolerance, Social life, Closeness with partner School quality, Childcare quality, Overall cost of children, Quality of Life, Health and Integration the United States did not come close.


Now this survey may be worth what you paid for it but it does make me think about recent trips to Colorado, Hawaii, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Wyoming and Montana. What stood out to me were amazing people, great job opportunities. A surfing accident that resulted in 14 stitches brought the issue of Health Care and Insurance sharply into focus, where it is for many Americans. I will be blogging on Employer funded health care in our next blog and the comparison of US vs Canada costs for employers and benefits to employees.
In the interim here is a link to HSBC’s 2016 Expat Survey
Also special thanks to Nina Zipkin @ for bringing the survey to my attention.