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Alberta leads in Job creation in February

Alberta continued to lead Canada in Employment with over 14,000 jobs created in February 2011. The rest of Canada had no real gains or losses, except for a slight decline in Saskatchewan of 3,000 jobs. Overall can we be happy with the number of jobs being created in this economy?
Unemployed people, recruiters and economist will want to see more jobs but with a huge jump in oil prices, comes increased cost for some Canadian businesses. With gas prices up over 10% most businesses in Canada outside of the energy sector are hard hit as transportation is often one of a businesses largest expense. A friend of mine who owns a roofing company has seen fuel prices rise and business losses pile up. Planes, ferries, trucking companies and all of their customers have seen the effects and could continue to if unrest continues in the middle east.
Construction employment was hot in February, up over 15,000 jobs with 8.2% growth. While Professional, scientific and technical services also grew sharply at 5.1% or over 9,000 jobs. Could this be Engineering employment increasing for upcoming for oil sands projects and mining? We are definitely hearing about more Engineering positions in BC and Alberta, from other recruiters and customers.
We are seeing most of our customers push through with hiring despite high energy costs. The continued strength in the overall economy and high commodities might see Canada, and not just Alberta, prosper through 2011.
From Statistics Canada February 2011 Labour Force Information data