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Selling Employment…the art of wooing candidates with a great job ad

Remember the days when you just posted a job ad in the Saturday paper and waited for the resumes to land on your desk?  Those days are long gone, in today’s employment market utilizing social media, online marketing and a well-developed career page is key to attracting the best and the brightest. Liz Ryan, an HR Executive reminds us that we need to get past the “delusion that sharp and switched-on people are dying to apply for our jobs”.  Gone are the days when recruiters just need to vet resumes, we need to be willing to woo candidates as well.
How does one go about wooing a candidate?  Knowing your candidate market is key. The first question candidates always ask us is:

  • How much does it pay?
  • What are the shifts/hours of work?
  • Do I have to relocate/how long is the commute?

You had better be ready to answer those first three questions in your ad otherwise the candidate is likely to move on to the next one. Questions about safety, the type of company, and the type of work come next.  Most candidates know what they are looking for especially in the specific trades/industries that we recruit in.  They have a good idea going in to the job search process how much money they want to make, where they want to live, how far they are willing to commute and which shifts will work with their lifestyle.
Think about your company culture and the ideal type of employee you are you looking for, and then sell to that candidate. Talk to your top employees about why they like working for your company, look beyond the standard benefits package and think about the things that you have to offer. Do NOT litter your add with a long list of all your must haves, focus on selling the candidate on why they should want to bring their skills and expertise to work for you.  What are opportunities they will have to grow their careers and support their families?   Woo the candidates you want and remember once you reel them in with the ad don’t snooze and lose them by not staying in contact!