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Why We Have Long-term Employees

Why We Have Long-term Employees

I’m super fortunate – we just had an employee hit their 15-year anniversary with Red Seal Recruiting.

In the past, we’ve had employees who’ve retired with us, but it’s really an achievement for somebody to get to 15 years. We’ve been in business for 18 years, and have lots of long-term employees that have stayed with 10 and 8 years.

But really that 15-year mark is a kind of milestone, and we are super thankful for a great employee, Patricia, who has been with us for so long.

Why We Have Long-term Employees

So, today I want to share with you three reasons why people stick with us. 

Number one is onboarding.

Having somebody who walks that new employee through the work they’re going to do, who pays attention to them not only that first day but that first week, that first month, and on an ongoing basis. 

So having a great manager, and possibly a mentor, for times that manager is too busy is key to onboarding because if someone doesn’t like their first day they will quit 

Second, you need managers who meet with employees who can make changes that will make life better for them. For example, if somebody needs an extra month off unpaid, or is really struggling to get by with their schedule or workload. 

Having a manager who can listen but also make decisions to help that employee is essential. If you’ve got a big business, it can’t be the president or CEO but it should definitely be a manager who is empowered and has the ability to make changes. 

And finally, the thing that I think really works to retain employees over the long run is to try and compensate them as much as you can, based on the revenue they help bring in, and the productivity that that team member delivers.

Giving your employees recognition on at least an annual basis, but also as they do great things is really the key to retaining and developing long-tenured employees that grow with your company.

If you are an employer, I hope you’ll consider these tips for retaining top employees!

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