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Top jobs in Construction and Industry posted by Canadian Employers and Recruiters

The key to finding a job and finding employees are job vacancies and a great alternative to Statistics Canada Job numbers are how many advertisements there are for jobs. This indicates how many opportunities their are for motivated job seekers, not for people called for government surveys related to employment insurance or people sitting beside a telephone.
In Canada in June reported their was a 16% drop in the number of Construction advertisements for the month, which may have been caused by HR and Hiring Managers going on vacation and not getting it together to post jobs. For the year Construction and Industrial jobs were up  50% and 14% for the quarter.
Top job titles were Project manager and Coordinator, Equipment Operator, Construction Labourer, Electrician, Welder, Millwright, Project Engineer, Carpenter and Landscape Labourer.
Looking at Red Seal Related Positions Electrician was the top job title, closely followed by welders with close to 15,000 job advertisements. This doesn’t mean that there are 15,000 vacancies it, it likely means there are several thousand vacancies that companies are advertising multiple places and with recruiters. Millwrights and Carpenters were both over 10,000 advertisements.


What this says to us as recruiters is that the demand for Electricians, Welders, Millwrights and Carpenters is fairly strong. It would be good to see Electricians and Carpenters much higher as they are indicators of strength within Residential, Commercial and Industrial expansion. With Carpenters coming in below Millwrights and Welders, two industrial trades this points to a bit of weakness in Residential and Commercial construction, which we hope with jump in September as the low interest rates continue to drive home and condo sales.
One group of interesting statistics is also the top locations which people are searching in. Alberta seems to be the most sought after destination for job seekers as Calgary and Edmonton crush the number of searches for jobs in

Top Locations

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