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Thinking of relocating in Canada?

Where do you start?
Look on any map and you will see that Canada is one BIG country! With most Canadians clustered around a few major urban centers, relocation is a fact of life for most job seekers and employers. If a Power Linesman in Vancouver, British Columbia or Toronto, Ontario wishes to change careers, it’s as easy as contacting a few employers or head hunters and then sitting back, waiting for the right opportunity. However, for many Canadians living in remote communities or small towns, finding work is not so simple. An electrician might be employed by the only company within hundreds of kilometers where they can find a job in their field, making relocation necessary.
For many workers, job hunting in Canada involves vast area maps and lengthy discussions with friends and family before making a move. Relocating for a job quickly becomes one of the biggest and most stressful decisions of your life! From an employers view, they may realize too late how much of a challenge relocation is. After lengthy candidate searches and costly interviews, an employee who initially accepted the job offer declines based on the need to relocate. Or worse even, after relocating they leave the company after much time and investment has gone into their training because they don’t feel settled in their new area.
Having a realistic understanding of the community and location is almost as important as the job itself. Spousal and children’s involvement in a relocation decision is key as starting a new job can be stressful without the support of loved ones. After the move to a new community, getting socially involved is key to a positive experience. Sports opportunities for kids help integrate young children into a new environment while also contributing to a parents’ familiarity with neighbours and social mores. Finding local community and activity groups early is integral in cementing new friendships and creating a true sense of “home”.
If you are interested in jumpstarting your career in Canada, chances are that relocation will be one of the most important parts of the new job and the Red Seal Recruiting team is here to support you. Whether you are a Power Engineer from Toronto looking to live in a quieter community, or Project Manager wanting a fresh start in a vibrant city, Red Seal Recruiting has the knowledge and experience to help you find your niche.