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The Ipad Will Go the Way of the Dinosaurs Along With the Laptop

With the rapid changes in technology that we are seeing, it was surprising to see the Ipad receive so much attention and so many sales. In the first month it was available in Canada I noticed one being used in Starbucks and also one being used by a “leader” in our industry. Both users look as if they thought they were cool, early adaptors of technology. In reality I think they bought an out-dated concept, repackaged for a quick jump in stock price. Tablet computers have been sold for 10 years with similar functions, as have digital book readers that have some of the same characteristics.
There is no doubt in the usability of the Ipod/Iphone, the fact that it transfers to the Ipad is great, but I see the Ipad as a badly stripped down version of the Iphone which came out in January, 2007.  Apple will likely have to keep the price low or lower it to compete with competitors and will only make money by selling Itunes and Apps, but I can’t see the IPad being a successful product for even as long as the iphone.
The real future of computing is the Sixth Sense technology which received worldwide attention when MIT announced the products they have been working on.
The two major steps forward with six sense technology are:
1. Replacing a screen with a small projector that allows you to view what you want on a piece of paper that has information on it you want to know more about, a blank piece of white paper a wall or even your hand.
2. Replacing a mouse, keyboard and wires with fingertip sensors and a camera that provides input by tracking your gestures and hand movements.
Sixth sense technology is a leap forward as humans have been using non-verbal hand gestures to communicate for hundreds of thousands of years.  Replacing the traditional bulky and power hungry devices with small lenses, sensors and projectors will keep costs down, and their portability will keep usability up. Imagine a field technician (heavy duty mechanic) using a camera to immediately identify a broken part, then pulling up a diagram with repair instructions all with a Sixth Sense computer built into his coveralls.
Computing costs will drop dramatically and technical people will have excellent access to information in the field. Watch the video and let me know how you think this will affect the world of work outside of the office….