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Survey reports that in Canada, skilled workers are in demand

Good news for skilled trades: you’re in demand.
Halfway through 2013, the skills shortage of 2012 just has not gone away, according to Manpower Group’s annual Talent Shortage Survey. In Canada, skilled workers are in demand.
Just like last year, according to the survey, skilled trades jobs continue to be the hardest to fill, followed by engineering roles and sales representative jobs; in North America, skilled trades are in the top 5 employment categories forecast to have a talent crunch.

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According to the Manpower survey, 35% percent of employers surveyed say that they are having difficulties finding staff with the right skills (this is the greatest shortage reported since the start of the recession in 2008). More than half of these employers believes the skills shortage will hurt their business their ability to meet client needs.
What is causing this talent gap? According to the survey, there are two main reasons:

  1. Candidates lacking necessary technical skills to do the job (33% of Canadian trades employer reported this)
  2. A general lack of sufficient applicants (31%)

Employers also reported that it was hard to find candidates with the right soft skills. The soft skills that are most in demand are apparently candidates who can display:

  • Enthusiasm
  • motivation for the job
  • positive attitude
  • strong work ethic

The top 10 jobs employers in ‘The Americas’ are having difficulty filling:

  1. Technicians
  2. Sales representatives
  3. Engineers
  4. Skilled trades workers
  5. Production operators
  6. Accounting and finance staff
  7. Secretaries, Pas, administrative assistants and office support staff
  8. Drivers
  9. Labourers
  10. Management executives

British Columbia skilled trades outlook

So, with the expected recovery of the American housing market, which will in turn stimulate demand for BC lumber, things are looking up for British Columbia, especially for skilled trades – Vancouver-based lumber producers with lumber operations throughout the province such as Canfor Corp., West Fraser Timber Co. Ltd. and Conifex Timber Inc. will be among the beneficiaries of the market’s rebound.
Here are some examples of skilled jobs in British Columbia:

  • CFB dock work to create 1,400 jobs, cost $430 million to $530 million (link)
  • Plenty of job opportunities in trucking industry (link)
  • Teck Resources Limited will hire 500 workers for their Tumbler Ridge Quintette coal mine, which is estimated to open in mid-2014 upon federal and provincial regulatory approval  (link)

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