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September hiring storm starting on lakes and on patios everywhere!

For the last six months companies across Canada have been putting spending, hiring, bonuses and training on hold, in order to weather the economic reset and achieve a better bottom line. What will this mean for the rest of summer and September, when we traditionally see hiring pick up in earnest?
We are going to see employers scrambling to fill jobs as the economy picks up and many top employees moving on to greener pastures. Some of the top employees we know are getting ready to jump ship after continuing to take on more work and responsibilities and seeing their employer slash or eliminate bonuses and overtime.
All ready this summer at Red Seal Recuiting Ltd., we have seen resignation letters being typed up and resumes that are being spruced up. Why? Summer is the best time for networking! Those great employers who ensure their people have lots of time off will also have employees promoting their brand around barbeques, camp fires and beaches across Canada.
Yesterday while taking my dog for a swim at a lake in Victoria BC, I heard a young woman promoting her employer on her time off! Her hotel chain was investing in her training and in making the company a better place for customers and workers alike even during an economic downturn. A hospitality recruiter working on her time off!
Networking continues to be the main way we find jobs. Recruiters and employment agencies spend all of their time networking on your behalf. Using or to find employment opportunities is a great way of using your network but nothing beats communicating one on one with friends and family. Six degrees of separation is the theory that we are all connected through webs of friends and family to everyone else but this theory only works when we connect in a meaningful way.
Going for an iced coffee or tea with everyone you know all summer will definitely land you your dream job by leveraging your network. Asking people to go for a coffee to find out more about them and where they work is the most powerful networking tool available. Your interest in them and the knowledge they will share can get you more interviews then sending out 1,000 resumes!
Start by going through your phone book, then email, facebook contacts inviting people for a coffee every week. This networking will help you land a better job so next summer you can be the one laying on the beach bragging about your great employer!
By Kael Campbell
Head recruiter

Red Seal Recruiting