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It has come to our attention that there are individuals falsely claiming to represent Red Seal Recruiting Solutions Ltd and sending messages about job opportunities without our permission. If you are unsure about the authenticity of any messages concerning a job opportunity, please check our job board for the latest postings. If you receive any other messages claiming to be from Red Seal Recruiting Solutions Ltd that you are unsure about, please contact your local Red Seal Branch branch to verify its authenticity. Thank you for your attention.

If you’re looking at trades for your career…
Red Seal Recruiting focuses specifically on recruiting for experienced and certified technical, engineering and journeyman trades positions.
The majority of apprentices are hired internally and unfortunately not through employment agencies and Red Seal. What does that mean? It means that companies offer trades apprenticeships to employees working in entry level jobs who show initiative and loyalty.
How do I get an apprenticeship? We suggest that once you have decided on your trade, put on a pair of work boots, clean clothing, find companies in your area in a phone book or search engine, and go to all the companies in the area with a two page resume and a smile. Ask if they have any entry level jobs available. If they don’t, then ask when they think business will be increasing and ask if they would mind if you visited them again in the near future.
If you are considering getting into a specific trade, please use the following resources to help you with your search to become an Inter-provincial or Red Seal journeyman.
If you’re still testing the waters.
Find out what trade would be good for you:
If you know where you’re going but not how to get there…
Find training in BC:
For additional trades information:
The Resource Training Organization (RTO) has recently introduced an online resource for apprentices in British Columbia. As an apprentice, registering online with Apprentice BC can assist you in your job search by connecting you to relevant work opportunities. For more information please visit:
Contact your Provincial Certificate Granting Authorities for in depth information about schools, challenging exams, timelines etc.: