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Free Trade Agreements with any of the following countries. Many of these agreements include a list of professions that can be hired and start working in Canada very quickly. This process requires much less paperwork than with a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA), or the International Experience Canada Program. 

Hiring Foreign Trained Employees through trade agreements usually just requires that candidates have the right work and educational experience. Applicants can often apply at the Airport or Port of Entry.

Canada has free trade with the following countries:

                    • United States
                    • Mexico
                    • Israel
                    • Chile
                    • Costa Rica
                    • Iceland
                    • Liechtenstein
                    • Norway
                    • Colombia
                    • Jordan
                    • Panama
                    • Honduras
                    • European Union
                    • Ukraine
                    • Australia
                    • Brunei
                    • Switzerland
                    • Japan
                    • Malaysia
                    • New Zealand
                    • Peru
                    • Singapore
                    • Vietnam
                    • South Korea