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Free Canadian Salary Survey Data Sources

Free Canadian Salary Survey Data Sources

Salary surveys can be the difference between having the best employees and a company going out of business because they can not attract and retain critical talent. That may sound dramatic but Mining companies have gone out of business due to equipment failures that interrupted their ability to produce revenue. Having great maintenance managers, heavy duty mechanics and planners can make a huge difference in profitability manufacturing, oil & gas, utility and equipment companies.
If Human Resources and Hiring Managers have the right data they can make the case to compensate and attract good employees. Without excellent compensation data, one might use anecdotal and sparse reporting of salaries that can cost a company more money than is necessary. Employers in Mining, Oil & Gas and related fields are currently adjusting compensation levels to deal with revenues that have been cut in half. Where can they turn for compensation data?

Outdated 2013 Employment Insurance data
Outdated 2013 Employment Insurance data

The Canadian Federal Job Bank published Salary information but the quality is questionable. If you look at the notes section it appears that data is taken from Employment Insurance Claims, not a representative sample of top employees and it is unclear the years and level of experience. A salary survey that includes apprentices and 10 year Journeypersons is not going to be very valuable in retaining top maintenance talent.
One up to date compensation report is done by the Alberta Government as is definitely worth looking at Alberta Government 2015 Wage Survey Results
One labour intensive way to find salary data is collective agreements which are aggregated by Provincial Governments in Canada.
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We also publish free salary surveys, updated every quarter for Electricians, Power Engineers, Millwrights, Power Line Technicians and Heavy Duty Mechanics. Feel free to comment below and leave additional salary survey sources!