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Disabled Veterans Recruitment – Dog Handler leads the way

We were contacted this week by a small business that really wants to help our armed forces personnel by hiring disabled veterans. Happy Dog Scent Detection Services is owned and managed by Veterans and services clients in the Greater Toronto Area by detecting bed bug infestations. Happy Dog Scent Detection Services is looking to train Veterans in Dog handling and detection skills so if working with mans best friend appeals to you go to the job advertisement below:
There are tens of thousands of disabled veterans in Canada and at least a Million in the United States. As the unemployment rate has declined to 4.9% in the US employers, who should always be targeting veterans, should make sure they are also targeting disabled veterans as it is the right thing to do. Disabled employees also have higher retention rates which results in lower hiring and training costs. Finally there are great incentives with both Cash and tax credits for hiring US Veterans.
Some of the reasons to hire Veterans
Learn discipline – by following or showing leadership as required.
Be reliable and dependable – somebody’s life may depend on a soldier’s action.
Work hard – they never quit until the job is done.
Take orders – they respect their superiors, their bosses.
Be on time – in the military there is no such thing as being late.
Prove their ability – by learning a great variety of new and useful skills.
Work in teams – military duties often require precise team work.
Take responsibility – in the military there is no excuse for one’s actions.
Adapt to any situation – able to work under difficult conditions.
Be trustworthy – a military job may require security clearance.
Develop resourcefulness – when everything goes wrong, they still have to do the job.
Overcome adversity – in critical situations they show strength and perseverance.
Be health conscious – trained to maintain personal health and fitness.