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Advertising and Marketing dollars from TV and Newspapers to Internet and Mobile Phones….

In Canada our habits are changing dramatically; it is time for businesses and recruiters to take note. For the first time since TV toppled newspapers as one of Canadians favorite pastimes, Internet browsing is now Canadians top activity outside of working and sleeping. 
In 1952 Canada’s first TV station opened and for almost 50 years Canadians sat in front of their televisions consuming hockey, news, excellent Canadian comedy and mediocre sitcoms. Now Canadians are spending more time catching up with friends around the world on Facebook, streaming video to watch Olympians win the gold, and buying cars, trucks, and what ever their hearts desire on Ebay.
TV stations are crying for money as advertising revenue moves to the internet, while newspapers are getting thinner or shutting down. Even video stores are being widely affected, with recent rumors of the movie giant Blockbuster going bankrupt.
If recruiters and businesses are not taking note, they better, and quickly. Canadians are spending 18.1 hours a week actively using the internet, 16.9 hours watching TV and 2.9 hours reading the newspaper. Given the interactive nature of the internet vs TV/Newspapers, I have to ask why people would spend marketing dollars on traditional advertising mediums?
Red Seal is finding that the best way to invest in marketing to Canadians over the internet and mobile phones. We find that the best candidates are on the go and their mobile phones and social life does not stop when they are on the road. We’re lucky to be able to reach industrial, manufacturing, utility and construction recruits in the field and on the internet. If your company would like to hire great employees do you have the internet and mobile recruiting strategy to find them?